2020 Holiday Video

2020 has been a one-of-a-kind year, to say the least. It's been a time of challenge and change. And for my family, it's been a time of addition. My wife Sara and I welcomed our first child Miles in June, and are spending our first holidays with him snuggled up in our home. While we're sad to be seperated from so many people that would normally fill this time, we're fortunate to have quiet moments to ourselves.


Spending so much time with a baby has us seeing the season with newfound wonder, and inspired the creation of this video holiday card. I had a blast filming both at home and through the sprawling pines of CT Farm in Parkesburg, PA (where the owners were kind enough to let me gather drone footage). From framing shots to stringing lights, the production became a full family affair, and we've been excited to capture these moments to share with others this year and reminisce on for years to come.


The edited video really took shape after Dustin laid down an original recording of Christmas Time is Here, Vince Guiraldi Trio's Peanuts classic. Simple and vulnerable, the music paces the video like a wide-eyed child. Dustin performed the song entirely on his heirloom parlor grand, finding another bridge to bring his distanced family into the holidays.


We hope the video brings a sense of wonder to your season, no matter where you may be celebrating, or whoever you may feel apart from. Our families are wishing you warmth, health, and joy.

- Zach

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