Brindy and Nathan | Delaware Valley Wedding

This September, we captured a wedding that was two full years in the making, having been rescheduled twice due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. After arriving at the venue - Deerfield Country Club in Newark, DE, it was clear that it would be well worth the wait. Brindy and Nathan had used this time to grow their relationship and work on personal details that made their wedding unique. Our favorite was the shark tooth portion of their ceremony, which featured the couple mixing together their individual collections of shark teeth into a married collection.

Following the ceremony, we knew that we wanted to make use of the picturesque grounds and capture the couple with magic hour lighting. Getting the most effective portrait sessions requires detailed planning and swift adaptability. Before every wedding, we keep updated on weather forecasts, understand the sunset calendar and direction, and communicate with wedding planners to find opportunities in the schedule. But we also stay flexible to inevitable schedule alterations, and need to think quick on our feet when we spot an opportunity. During a 15-minute window with Brindy and Nathan, we were excited to find a patch of brilliant afternoon light to film them exploring.

Reception lighting is also a big consideration in our wedding videos, and we make sure to have a venue and couple-specific plan in-place to facilitate interior lighting. With the scale of Deerfield's ballroom, we felt that Brindy and Nathan's first dance could use some extra pop. We chose to use both a Godox VL-150 and Aputure 120dii (affiliate links). Using two daylight balanced cinema lights allowed us to match the soft evening light filtering through the wall-to-wall windows, while ensuring that the couple stood out as the stars of the show.

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