Campfire Baba Ganoush

Cooking videos have been a great way for us to continue honing our skills over the past few months. Baba Ganoush was especially fun to create, since it was filmed entirely outside. In addition to capturing the process of making the dish, we explored the natural environment in which it was being made. So for us, it wasn't just about making Baba Ganoush, it was about making Baba Ganoush in the middle of the woods, with a quiet stream nearby, and the sound of leaves rustling in the trees.

We also enjoyed adding original music and sound effects to provide some extra atmosphere. Nightfall in the woods can have an ominous feeling, so we wanted to tap into that a bit. 

If you'd like to try this next time you go camping, here are the instructions: 

1. Char eggplant until blackened and tender

2. Let cool, then peel

3. Mash with 1 garlic clove

4. Add tahini, lemon, salt

5. Serve with warm pita

You can check out our other cooking videos here, and if you have any other food videos you'd like us to make, let us know. 


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