Drone Flyovers

We created this drone flyover video for Weaver Homes as a way to market their Heritage Crossings community located north of Pittsburgh. Drones provide dramatic aerial views of landscapes and communities, allowing for perspectives that can be hard to achieve with traditional cameras.

Weaver Homes-Drone Flyover Wide

Pre-production is an important step for every video project, and drone flyovers are no exception. In this case, we worked closely with the client to make sure we had an approved shot list. After discussing with the client, we knew that the most important elements to cover were the construction progress, the model homes, and the heated swimming pool that is open to the community.

When planning which day to record the drone flyover, we made sure to keep our eye on the weather forecast. Having great natural lighting is essential for the mood of the finished video. Gloomy or overcast weather will likely leave viewers with a less optimistic view of the community. Time of day is also an important consideration. We want the sun to be low enough in the sky to avoid harsh shadows or overexposed skies, but high enough that there is adequate lighting on the houses. We found the sweet spot to be about an hour after sunrise.

Weaver Homes-Swimming Pool

In the editing phase, we spent a lot of time selecting the right moments from each clip, adding music, and color-grading to make the image look as best as we could. As a final touch, we added graphic call-outs with animations to provide relevant on-screen information, as well as some branding elements throughout to reinforce the clients commercial appeal.

Our team owns a professional level drone capable of shooting video in 4k resolution. We are also FAA certified to fly for commercial use. If you are interested in drone services, please contact us so we can learn more about your needs.

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