Drones and Cities

Vertical development has long been common in modern cities, so it seems only fitting that urban photography and videography should also be looking to the skies. Drones are quickly growing in capability and popularity, and are now invaluable resources for city businesses and agencies. They provide a versatile set of skills and applications, but also come with unique considerations in urban environments. We detail their advantages, usages, and safety precautions below.

Few tools can provide a clearer view of a city than a drone. The ability to get above gridlocked streets and telephone wiring frees up aerial pespectives of single buildings or vast skylines. Smaller and nimbler than camera crews, drones like our DJI Mavic 2 Pro (affiliate link) are able to fit into tight spaces between alleyways or under architecture. Whether documenting birds-eye views of public events, or circling new development against a downtown skyline, drones can go where other cameras can't.

Drones connect subjects to locations in a language residents can understand. Drone photos of luxury apartment buildings can showoff skyline views. A drone establishing shot of a new small business situated in a hard-to-find corner of a city can bring a newfound grounding to a commercial video. Drones can also help scout and project future development projects, capturing measurements of yet to berenovated lots or new overpasses.

Despite their many advantages, drones must be handled safely, especially in cities. It is never a good idea to fly over crowds or sensitive infrastructure without experience or licensing. Safely utilizing drones in cities involves working within local and national guidances, requiring a FAA licensed drone pilot to operate or observe each flight. Our team at Meridian holds active licenses to operate commercial drone flights across Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and the greater world beyond. If you are considering a drone for your city business or agency, or want to learn more about the technology, please reach out. We'd love to bring an aerial perspective to your neighborhood.

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