Filming Corporate Interviews

We recently spent 5 days in Snowbird, Utah, capturing photos and video for GivingData’s annual user-group conference, GDConnect. We delivered a highlight video, consisting of seated interviews and b-roll from the conference.

Meridian Corporate Videography

We had a conference room reserved as the interview space, which contained a few windows with snowy mountains in the background. However, we made the call that working with the windows would be too problematic due to the inconsistency of sunlight. It was important to us to have a controllable frame that would be consistent in the edit as we cut from interview to interview. While the final frame was relatively simple, we were happy with how it turned out. We used three lights in this setup: a key light, a fill light, and a background RGB light to provide color interest.

Of course, being in Utah meant we were very excited to fly the drone, which we used both as an opening and closing shot in the highlight video. We also gathered b-roll throughout the event, and sprinkled in the best moments to provide additional context to the interview dialogue.

Check out the finished highlight video, and learn more about our corporate video services.

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