Golf Drone Flyovers

With the weather getting warmer, and the trees getting greener, we're finally entering peak golf season. Not only is golf one of our favorite summer activities, it's also one of our favorite video subjects. Blossoming landscapes and manicured greens provide endless creative potential, especially when captured from the air.

Drones, like our DJI Mavic 2 Pro (affiliate link) allow you to capture hole-by-hole flyovers, entire course overviews, or dynamic action shots. They can create standalone photo content for websites or be edited into longer promotional video pieces, like the example below:

Since we are licensed drone pilots, we take safety and planning very seriously. Planning starts well before production, by checking airspace maps for local regulations and using Google Earth to scout for course and sun direction. When scheduling drone shoots, we work with course management to understand course conditions, and select timing that avoids league play and busy golf days. We also lock in a rain date since weather can be hard to project in advance.

When we show up on production day, we tour the course from the ground before flying, to make notes of any obstacles and assess lighting conditions. While it's usually our preference to shoot drone content around sunrise or sunset, shooting in full midday sun can sometimes be unavoidable. We bring ND filters to ensure that we can get proper exposure no matter the lighting conditions. Through communication between pilot and spotters, we can safely and quickly gather drone content without interrupting the course's pace of play.

Whether you're a competitive sports enthusiast or a quiet nature lover, the game of golf has something to offer everyone. We're excited to offer new perspectives on a game that we love.

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