Magnet International Market

Earlier this month, we had the opportunity to create a short promotional video for Magnet International Market, located in Robinson Township in Pittsburgh. The store carries mostly Turkish and Russian products, although their selection is quite diverse overall. For those of us who love trying new foods or experimenting with different ingredients, Magnet is an absolute wonderland. 


Our goal with creating the video was to give people a preview of what it would be like to walk around in the store, while also highlighting some of the items available for purchase.  By mounting the camera to a DJI Ronin S (affiliate link) stabilizer, we were able to get smooth movements as we paced through the store. To get tighter and more detailed shots of the items, we put the camera on a tripod and used a macro lens. 


Local businesses like Magnet International Market are such an important part of our communities, and we truly enjoy creating content that celebrates what they do for us. Whether you live in Pittsburgh or are just visiting, make sure to stop by and check out their amazing selection of unique products.


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