Old Thunder Brewing Company

We've been looking forward to working with a brewery for a long time, so when the opportunity came to make a marketing video for Old Thunder,  we were incredibly excited. Not only is the interior of the taproom beautiful, the quality of their beer is superb too. After an initial pre-production meeting, we felt confident in our ability to showcase Old Thunder as an awesome place to enjoy a pint, relax, and share conversations with friends and family.  

Old Thunder Brewing Company, Pittsburgh Old Thunder Brewing Company, Pittsburgh

We spent a full day interviewing co-owners Josh, Rob, and Zach, asking them about the history of the brewery and their philosophy on what makes great beer. Between interviews, we grabbed footage of them starting the brew process for their flagship IPA, False Kingdom. A couple of weeks later, we returned and captured additional footage showing the canning process. Being able to show the full cycle of making beer from the initial brew day through the final step of canning provided a strong structural backbone for the video. 

Old Thunder Brewing Company Canning Old Thunder Brewing Company, False Kingdom Old Thunder Brewing Company, Draft Beer 2

Pittsburgh is fortunate to have a thriving craft beer scene, and we'd be thrilled to partner with more breweries either locally or nationally to assist with their marketing efforts. We love making videos that share some of the qualities that make beer and taprooms unique. We also enjoy being able to sip on a couple beers throughout production, which created a stress-free and collaborative environment . Working with Old Thunder showed us that it's perfectly okay to have fun while you work, and we look forward to creating more content like this in the future.

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