Pho Saigon Cafe and Saigon 88 Express

Over the past couple of months, we've created a series of videos highlighting different restaurants in the Pittsburgh area. Most recently, we made a video for Pho Saigon Cafe (above), located in Bethel Park.  They serve classic Vietnamese dishes such as pho and banh mi, but they also offer sushi, poke bowls, and a wide selection of boba tea.  Owners John and Kim have opened several Vietnamese restaurants in Pittsburgh, including Saigon 88 Express, which we also included in our restaurant series (below):

Making this series has been a fun and creative way for us to demonstrate the value of video marketing. It allows the audience to not only learn more about the food and ambience of a restaurant, but to build a relationship with the owners and staff on a more personal level. After all, food is a lot more than just the final ingredients on a plate. It's recipes handed down from generation to generation. It's a cultural exchange, and an opportunity for us to slow down and share an experience with each other in our increasingly busy lives.

We hope you enjoyed our restaurant series so far, and look forward to promoting more local businesses with videos in the future!

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