360° Wedding Videos

After first being introduced to 360° video cameras a few years ago, we were instantly drawn to the medium. As the technology has gotten better and more accessible, we've continued to invest in equipment and experiment with a variety of different applications - from travel videos to real estate walkthroughs. Just recently we've added wedding videos to our 360° arsenal.

Insta360 Pro 2

With the COVID-19 pandemic hitting the wedding industry hard in 2020, and engaged couples having to face unique challenges due to that, we found that 360° videography could be a solution. Many 360° cameras - like the Insta360 Pro 2 and One X that we use (affiliate links) - provide livestreaming functionality, allowing people that can't attend the event in-person, to still feel immersed in the event in real-time. Virtual attendees could watch through a VR headset, or in a rotateable browser window on desktop or mobile. It's the closest anyone can get to being there.

Insta360 One X

360° video could also create an immersive keepsake for the couple, allowing them to relive their big day over again for years. The freedom of 360° documentary allows newlyweds to look around their venues independently, noticing and remembering new details from their wedding each time they rewatch.

We've now shot two weddings in 360°, and continue to find new ways to improve our process and products. As we move into wedding season 2021, we look forward to expanding our 360° capabilities and experience.

Insta360 Pro 2 Laptop

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