If you would like a quote for a small-business or corporate video, you can complete our quote request form and we'll get back to you within three business days. For pricing on wedding videos, please refer to our wedding services page.

Many factors influence the price of a video, including:

  • Length of the finished video
  • Number of videographers and photographers assigned to the project
  • Pre-production coordination
  • Equipment required for production
  • Editing requirements, such as graphics, subtitles, and music composition or licensing

Because no two videos are alike, we work with you to understand your project’s requirements and then determine pricing. If you have a set budget, we will work with you to adjust the scope of the project accordingly. 

How We Determine Pricing

Video production can be broken down into three stages. We determine the price of a project based on the amount of time and resources required for each stage.


Pre-production includes all the necessary planning, organizing, and preparation before filming begins. This is probably the most important part of the process, yet it is often the most overlooked. In this part of the process, we meet with you to discuss the overall goal, message, and audience for the video. We also decide what equipment and other resources we need to obtain prior to the shoot. Pre-production costs vary depending on how much resource coordinating and strategizing we need to do prior to the shoot.


Production is the actual filming of the event. Pricing is broken down into half-day or full-day rates. We determine how many videographers and photographers we need based on the requirements of the project. A production that requires a larger team will have a higher price than one that requires fewer people.


The next step is to review all the footage captured during production and assemble it into a sequence that communicates the message we discussed with you in pre-production. We apply all the finishing touches to give your video a professional and cinematic feel, which might include:

  • Exposure and white-balance corrections
  • Color grading
  • Music (either licensed or custom-composed music and sound)
  • Graphics

Then we send you a draft of the video to review and determine if further edits are needed before finalizing the project. Editing time varies depending on the desired length of the final video, but as a general rule we allot 8 hours of editing time for one minute of finished video.