For small-business or corporate video projects, fill out our quote request form and we'll respond within three business days. For wedding video pricing, refer to our wedding services page.

Many factors influence the price of a video, including:

  • Length of the finished video
  • Number of videographers and photographers assigned to the project
  • Pre-production coordination
  • Equipment required for production
  • Editing requirements, such as graphics, subtitles, and music composition or licensing

Because no two videos are alike, we work with you to understand your project’s requirements and then determine pricing. If you have a set budget, we will work with you to adjust the scope of the project accordingly. 

How We Determine Pricing

Video production involves three key stages, each influencing the project's time and resource requirements:


This crucial planning phase involves meetings to discuss your video's goal, message, and target audience. We determine necessary resources and equipment. Pre-production costs vary based on coordination and strategizing needs before the shoot.


Production is the actual filming of the event. We determine how many videographers and photographers we need based on the requirements of the project. A production that requires a larger team will have a higher price than one that requires fewer people.


We review captured footage, creating a sequence aligned with our pre-production discussions. Our finishing touches include exposure corrections, color grading, and music options (licensed or custom-composed). After sending you a draft for review, we make necessary edits before finalizing the project. Editing time varies, with a general guideline of 8 hours per minute of finished video.